Discarded Web Service Onetime Mail Onetime Mail is a free, disposable webmail service that can be used for one full week (7 days).
There have been cases of malicious harassment and slanderous e-mails being sent using this service. Please do not send malicious e-mails, as it is a crime to do so. Onetime Mail promptly responds to requests from police/judicial agencies for disclosure of the sender's connecting IP address. If you are troubled by malicious e-mails, you can reject receiving e-mails. Please click here to set up.


*Please be sure to read the Disclaimer before using this service.

What is Onetime Mail?

Onetime Mail is a service that allows anyone to issue a disposable e-mail address that can be used for one week immediately.
It's free, no registration required, and available from any PC, smart phone, tablet, etc.! Try it out!

*This service is free of charge, but packet communication charges are to be borne by the customer.

*If you wish to use e-mail for a longer period of time, such as to communicate with friends, we recommend using a free service such as Yahoo Mail.



  • You can send and reply to as well as receive e-mails.
  • You can use this service on PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • You cannot use this service if your browser's cookies are disabled or if you are in incognito mode.
  • The period of use can be extended.
  • However, it is not possible to extend the period of use after the period of availability (7 days) has expired.
  • You can forward all exchanged e-mails to a specific e-mail address at once.
  • The email may not be displayed properly depending on your email client software.
  • Because the subscription period is short, you will rarely receive spam or fraudulent e-mails.


  • Please be aware that there is a possibility of information leakage to third parties when using this service on a PC in an Internet cafe or on a device shared by multiple users.
  • The service may be subject to maintenance with advance notice. In such cases, we may limit the functionality for an extended period of time.
  • Please note that the Service will not operate properly on browsers or terminals that do not allow the use of Java script cookies.
  • The domain (@ and after) of the e-mail address will be changed at irregular intervals.
  • For security reasons, once an e-mail address is used, it is not reused within this service, but please be aware that it may be used by a third party after the domain name is returned.
  • The operator of this service is not responsible for any damages, disputes with third parties, or double awards that may occur as a result of using this service. Please use the Service at your own risk.
  • The operator of the Service may restrict the use of the Service by using the IP address of the sender if it is judged to be a hindrance to the operation of the Service.
  • In the event that a user causes damage through unauthorized use of this service by automatic processing, etc., the user is obligated to compensate the operator of this service.
  • In the event that a request is made by a governmental or judicial agency to provide access logs or other information, the information will be provided without notice to the user.


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